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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Last night I planned on making red, white and blue macaroons, choclate whoopie pies and marshmallow pops in preparation for the Royal Wedding party that we’re going to tomorrow.

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Thought you might like to read about the proposal and how far we are with wedding prep (!)

The Boy and I went on holiday to New York and it was brilliant. We walked EVERYWHERE and did lots including Guggenheim, Natural Histroy Museum, row boat on lake in Central Park and eating massive sandwiches.

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I’ve taken the plunge….I will be updating this blog with stories of my life. They’ll mostly be about  knitting, sewing, baking, dogs, wedding preparations and anything else I want to share with you.

You can find me on twitter @Gracemakes so go ahead and follow me!

Hope you enjoy the ride and stick with me for the long haul,