Thought you might like to read about the proposal and how far we are with wedding prep (!)

The Boy and I went on holiday to New York and it was brilliant. We walked EVERYWHERE and did lots including Guggenheim, Natural Histroy Museum, row boat on lake in Central Park and eating massive sandwiches.

On our last full day The Boy asks me if I want to go to the Empire State. We’d both been up before but never together. I said yes, not really thinking much of it.

Up we went to the Observation Deck and went outside. The first side of the building was lovely and calm. The next three sides, however, were so windy! Just look at my ‘do for proof:

Anyhoo, deciding that I didn’t want to hang around for long, I was intent on getting round the building as quickly as possible. This included ignoring The Boy’s cries of  ‘Look at this – come and stand over here a minute will you?’ (poor boy!) As I was about to go in the door he called me over and held me in a vice-like grip so that I couldn’t escape and then popped the question.

I was so shocked, delighted, excited, emotional. It was an amazing moment to share with him and it is one I will never forget. We then walked on cloud nine for the rest of the holiday, bough the ring on 5th Avenue and were bursting to get home to tell our family and friends.

We haven’t set the date yet but we’re hoping for Summer 2012. This means we need to get moving if we want the Church and decent reception venue! The theme for the wedding? We’re thinking marquee, DIY English tea party.

I’ll do another post soon with some website/blogs/photos I have found inspiring.