Last night I planned on making red, white and blue macaroons, choclate whoopie pies and marshmallow pops in preparation for the Royal Wedding party that we’re going to tomorrow.

I say ‘planned’, because when I got home The Boy had already made the macaroons using a recipe from the BBC website. These were his results:

(excuse the rubbish photos – they were taken on my BlackBerry!)

I’m not quite sure what went wrong with them, apart from sticking to the baking parchment and the red ones turning into one gelatinous glob. They tasted nice though, such a shame they didn’t work out.  He complained that they were very fiddly to make and that the piping syringe wasn’t up for the job. Next time I’ll using a piping bag instead and see if I can conquer them.

The Whoopie Pies were a success story! Hurrah! The recipe was easy to follow and I had to stop myself from eating the cake mixture!  They taste REALLY chocolatey and soft although next time I will put more marshmallow in them. I made these using another BBC recipe.

Lastly, the marshmallow pops! The Boy and I first came across these last year on my birthday, when we went for lunch at the Royal Oak Bishopstone (it was yummy!) We stuffed our faces with delicious food and before we left, we visited a tiny deli (it was a room with a fridge) that was next to the pub. Apart from lots of delicious-looking meats and breads, on top of the counter were marshmallows on sticks that had been dipped in chocolate with hundreds and thousands on top. We bought two and ate them, feeling like we were 5 again. They were great!

We made some at Christmas too and they went down a storm with our families. A Royal Wedding party seemed a fitting occasion to make them again:

As you can see, The Boy got inventive with making pop holders! To decorate them, I used chocolate shreds, hundreds and thousands, white chocolate stars and sugar stars. I think they look pretty smashing myself!

Must remember to take photos with camera and not BlackBerry next time! Hopefully i take some of them at the party so you can see them in all their British glory.

Let me know what you think or if you have any top tips for making macaroons!