Wow. Didn’t the now Duchess of Cambridge look absolutely stunning?! Just beautiful.

I loved the dress, the lace sleeves, the beautiful detailing on the dress, the nipped in waist (although to be fair she is a stick), the veil, the hair – everything!

Photo credit: Hugh Burnand (British Monarchy Flickr)

Worst dressed for me? It has to be……..

A combination of Princess Eugenie’s square neckline dress and Princess Beatrice’s hat. I mean, what was that thing on her head?!

Did anyone else have a little giggle about the Queen’s blue blankie on her lap? Come on, at least coordinate! Also thought the trip in the Aston Martin was super cute.

Back to real life….my whoopie pies and marshmallow pops went down a storm! Every single one eaten with smiles all round. Result!