Well, since reading my first issues of Mollie Makes, I have been inspired to get crafting. With two projects done and dusted, I thought it was time to share them.

First I made the gadget holder that was free with Mollie Makes:

I’m pretty proud of it, considering I am new to sewing! I was going to add something to the back of the holder but realised my mistake once I had sewn the two sides together. Also my blanket stitch leaves a lot to be desired. Much practice needed! The holder will be used to store my camera in and it fits perfectly.

The next craft project was to knit a newborn hat and mittens set for my friend who is about to pop. This was a realtively easy pattern with a rib border, stocking stitch and increasing/decreasing. Here they are:

Again I am really pleased with them, they’re so small and cute! I used a baby soft wool so they’ll be lovely and cosy for the baby.

Other craft projects that I am lining up:

  • Make the felt chihuahua featured in Mollie Makes (but make it black and tan so that it looks like my dog Leo:

  • Knit a Dachshund, Jack Russell and Mini Schnauzer from the ‘Best in Show’ book I was given at Christmas
  • Start to knit a complete farmyard including farmers house, farmer, wife and children, cows, pigs, chickens and vegetable patch!
  • Get my mum to teach me how to crochet
  • Get booked on an embroidery course

That’ll keep me busy for a while I reckon!