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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Happy Friday everyone! Do you all have exciting weekends planned?

Well, I’m excited as it is my birthday tomorrow! I will be 27 (sounds scary when I say/type it out loud!) I have a morning of breakfast in bed delivered by The Boy, then a lazy morning before a trip back home to view some potential reception venues. We might actually have decided on somewhere by the end of the weekend! The Boy has then got something planned for Saturday night.

Sunday afternoon I have organised an Afternoon Tea Party. I have a twin brother and we’ve always done something together to celebrate our birthday. He is far too laid back to actually organise anything and so my suggestion of an afternoon tea party went down well with him!

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Drum roll please……..

I managed to make a crochet square! After this weekend’s terrible crochet pentagons I persevered and got there…here is my square in all it’s glory:

I am so happy about this breakthrough, very proud of myself! Now only another 56,0897,847 to go…!

How was everybody’s weekends? Mine seemed to whizz by as I was super busy. Stay with me and I’ll take you on a¬†whirlwind tour of baking, crafting, dog walking galore!
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Sorry for my absence (I’m sure you all noticed I was gone….right?!) I have returned from a week’s holiday in North Yorkshire and also my best friend’s wedding at the weekend.

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