How was everybody’s weekends? Mine seemed to whizz by as I was super busy. Stay with me and I’ll take you on a whirlwind tour of baking, crafting, dog walking galore!

Saturday began with volunteering at my Mum’s church coffee shop:

It’s a fun few hours and volunteering means I get to bake cakes for them to sell. This week I made Ice Cream Cone Cakes!

I’ve seen these online before and always wanted to give them a go. They’re very simple to make, just use a normal sponge cake recipe (I followed this recipe) but pop the mixture into individual ice cream cones instead of cake cases and whack them in the oven! Make sure you buy the flat-bottomed cones!

I finished these off with vanilla buttercream. My next batch of ice cream cone cakes will be more ice cream-flavoured….mint choc chip, neopolitan, raspberry ripple. I’ll be sure to post these up when I get round to making them! They went down a treat at the coffee shop with someone even thinking they were shop bought – woop woop!

The Boy and I headed into London for the afternoon, wandering around Camden Passage, which was lovely. So tempted to buy lots of things including a vanity desk, cups and saucers (there is even an entire shop dedicated to them!) We did treat ourselves to a lovely cup of coffee and a couple of pints in the pub!

Sunday was a rainy day so we spent most of the day inside. We did take Leo on a rainy dog walk at the park, I had great fun splashing in the puddles in my wellies winding Leo up! For those of you who are interested, here is a photo of Leo looking a little dumbstruck:

After drying off back at home we switched on the TV to watch the Grand Prix and I started on my next craft adventure – crochet! Mum had already taught me the basics whilst we were on holiday so I was sooooooo happy to see a crochet pattern for a blanket in Issue 2 of Mollie Makes. This second issue has not been a let down following the awesome first issue (you can read my post about it here). It is once more filled with inspiration, cuteness and all over crafty brilliance – quick, subscribe to their 3 issues for £5 subscription deal before it runs out! 

Below are the various stages of my first ever attempt to crochet following a pattern:

It’s supposed to be a square?!

After my first loosely knitted bizarre pentagon I made another and here they are together:

I shall definitely be persevering with it and getting my square eventually! The fact that the race was stopped for about 2 hours was great as it meant extra time for me to concentrate on the crochet.

Hope your weekend was equally as good as mine!