Happy Friday everyone! Do you all have exciting weekends planned?

Well, I’m excited as it is my birthday tomorrow! I will be 27 (sounds scary when I say/type it out loud!) I have a morning of breakfast in bed delivered by The Boy, then a lazy morning before a trip back home to view some potential reception venues. We might actually have decided on somewhere by the end of the weekend! The Boy has then got something planned for Saturday night.

Sunday afternoon I have organised an Afternoon Tea Party. I have a twin brother and we’ve always done something together to celebrate our birthday. He is far too laid back to actually organise anything and so my suggestion of an afternoon tea party went down well with him!

I follow The Pink Whisk on twitter (@thepinkwhisk), who is Ruth Clemens, one of the finalists of last year’s Great British Bake Off and all-round fantastic baking super woman! I really liked Ruth in GBBO and so was excited to find her on twitter.  She regularly updates her blog with recipes for delicious-sounding treats like blueberry and hazelnut chocolate florentines and caramalised onion and mushroom tarts.

I recently saw her recipe for a golden syrup loaf cake and just had to give it a try! I LOVE golden syrup and the recipe looked easy peasy – right up my street! I used a food processor and literally took 5 minutes to make – not even that!

Popped them in the oven for 45 minutes and hey presto:

They smelt delicious in the oven and I am desperate to eat them but they are only to be eaten at the Afternoon Tea Party! They didn’t rise very much but maybe the food processor killed the baking powder/bicarb? Who knows!

I am also going to make fruit scones and a mozzarella and tomato puff pastry tart to take with me. will make sure I take photos and show you all the Tea Party on Sunday!

Thanks Ruth for the great recipes – keep them coming!

Have a great weekend everyone, whatever you are doing 🙂