Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, my week has run away with me!

So, I guess you’ll want to be reading about my birthday tea party then?

It was great! Had a thoroughly good day (remember Sunday was the blisteringly hot day?) Thanks heavens for parasols is all I can say!

The feast on offer was amazing. I was really amazed and touched that both my elder sisters had got into baking/making and really made an effort. Here is the final table before it got devoured:

One sister had made cheese scones and Lorraine Pascal’s palmiers (which were delicious!) and another had made cheese twists, egg mayo rolls, cheese and cucumber triangles and ham swirls. I just kept on squealing every time a piece of tupperware was opened!

I had made the golden syrup loaf cake, using Ruth Clemens from the Pink Whisk’s recipe (you can read about my attempt at making them here) which went down extremely well. Ruth is right when she says the cakes get better with age. It was so syrupy and delicious!

I also made some fruit scones:

(in one of my birthday gifts from The Boy!)

I am always disappointed that my scones are never the massive ones you get in cafés. Next time, I shall defy the recipe and use a bigger cutter!

We had a bit of puff pastry left over so I made a mozzarella and tomato tart:

It looked a little disorganised and messy but it tasted a.m.a.z.i.n.g! Will definitely make that again for the next picnic I go to!

There we go, that was a tour of everything on offer at the party. I also had copious glasses of Austins (Aldi’ cheap but identical version of Pimms) with lemonade, so all in all it was a great birthday celebration.

This weekend The Boy and I are off to the Vintage Wedding Fair in St Alban’s on Saturday – looking forward to it although I think he might get bored quickly! Thankfully it is in Fleetville’s Vintage Emporium so he can go bargain hunting whilst I oooooh and ahhhhhh over the dresses etc.

Have a great weekend, whatever you are up to!