Well I have been very luck recently as I have won not one, but two competitions in the past week!

The first one was on Suzical’s blog, where I won a copy of ‘Laura’s Handmade Life’ by Amanda Addison. Woop woop!  I always read a book on the train on my way to work so I’m super excited! Thank you Suzi!

The second one was part of The Pink Whisk’s Treasure Hunt as part of her first birthday celebrations. There were four rounds of hunting with prizes for the first person to find her and then runners up were selected from all of those who found her.

I was lucky enough to be selected as a runner up in the final round and won a 12 issue subscription to Making Magazine, a copy of Sweety Pies by Patty Pinner and a copy of Desert Express by Lauren Chattman! Double woop woop!

Thank you to Ruth for such a great game, it was fun trying to work out where she was hiding on the internet using the clues she gave.

Will my winning streak continue on into tonight’s lottery? Maybe I should buy a ticket just in case…..

Have a great weekend everyone, what are you up to? My weekend will be shopping, gossip and coffee on Saturday and then Grand Prix and crafting on Sunday!