Just when I think I’ve become obsessed with one new craft, another one comes along. This time it is embroidery…

As you may know I took part in The Make Lounge’s Extraordinary Embroidery course on Saturday, which was just fabulous! The lovely Catherine took the class, teaching us the basic stitches and generally imparting awesome tips and tricks (my french knots are coming along fabulously and the back of my work has never looked so neat!)

Before we were set loose on our projects, we had a chance to practice the basic stitches:

We got to pick a Sublime Stitching pattern to use, which I was sooooo excited about as I really love the awesome patterns Sublime Stitching offer.  We also got to choose between a tea towel and a pair of pillow cases. After much deliberation (so spoilt for choice!) I went with the Dutch-Russian pattern and the pillowcases. We were then ready to go!

It was quite therapeutic stitching away in the lovely Make Lounge whilst outside it was hammering it down! The other girls in my class were lovely and we chatted away throughout the morning although when we started on our projects the room fell into near silence as everyone was concentrating so hard! By the end of the class I had only completed a teeny weeny part of my doll, but left determined to finish it ASAP!

My part-finished masterpiece

The rest of the weekend was spent desperately trying to find time to sit down and carry on. I am proud to say that I have finally finished!

Ta daaaaaaaaaaaa!

The close-up

I am so unbelievably pleased with her, she looks so cute! I’m planning on adding a bit more to the pillowcase, my initial and a wreath/hearts/kisses. Even the Boy commented that this was the best piece of craft I’ve ever done – high praise indeed!

He has chosen a rocket design for his pillowcase from the Sublime Stitching Craft Pad that I treated myself in the Make Lounge shop (which was awesome – so many lovely things!)

All in all it was a fantastic class and I would really recommend it to anyone who fancied giving it a go. We got to take home the transfer pattern, fabric, hoop and embroidery floss so we worth the cost of the course. Don’t hesitate – just do it!

Thank you Catherine and the Make Lounge, a great way to start the weekend 🙂