Hope you had a great weekend? Mine was spent at an auction in Tring, a trip to try on some wedding dresses, crochet and embroidery (told you I would become obsessed!)

The Boy and I picked up what we think is a bargain at the auction on Saturday. A 1930s oak wardrobe that has sections inside labelled with  ‘hats’ and ‘shirts’ etc. It looks brilliant:

See, I wasn't fibbing!

Shirts and sock drawers!

The wardrobe isn’t perfect, it’s definitely been used and abused but it has character and that’s why we loved it. We got it for a bargain of £22 and are very happy with ourselves!

Once the auction had ended Mum and I headed off to St Albans to have my first experience of trying on wedding dresses – eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! I was very excited to say the least and couldn’t wait. Unfortunately I was in for a bit of a let down.

I don’t want to name the shop where I went but as soon as I walked in they greeted me with a smile and asked if I had an appointment (which I did). I was then given a look-over and asked ‘is it bridal or bridesmaid?’ – presumably because I am under 5ft and look younger than my 27 years (I’ll be grateful for it one day I know!)

I was then given free rein to pick out as many dresses as I wanted to try on and we were left to it. Not a bad first impression and Mum and I waded through the dresses, picking about six to try on. I went in with an open mind, happy to try all kinds of shapes, sizes, materials etc.

Once I’d picked my chosen few the trying on began. What I was disappointed with is the overall experience.  Mum and I weren’t treated like we were special.

There was no offer of a drink for Mum, the only questions I got asked about my wedding were ‘have you set the date?’ and ‘is it a church wedding?’ No other chit-chat, it was all very business like. My ‘dresser’ swapped over with someone else and they would shout to each other from opposite ends of the shop and it left me feeling like I wasn’t worth sparing 15 minutes for.

Now forgive me if I am being slightly naive here but potentially I could be spending hundreds of pounds with them and in my mind that means they should be doing their utmost to woo me and make me feel like I’m cherished. Is it just me?!

Needless to say I won’t be buying my dress from them. It was good though, to see what colours worked, what fabrics suited me better than others and what shapes were better. I’m still sure that I want a short dress rather than a long one – being so tiny I just feel like I am being drowned by a long, flowing dress.

Does anyone have any suggestions for bridal shops in Hertfordshire/North London?