Where do you stand on the subject of mail order wedding dresses?

I would REALLY appreciate your advice/tales/opinions!

As any bride does, I’ve been searching the internet for inspiration for my wedding dress. I’ve found loads of inspiration, from cut to colour and style to shape, which has been really helpful. What I’ve also found is the option to have your dress custom made and mail ordered. What I’m not sure about is how clever it is to buy your wedding dress without touching and seeing it with your own eyes?

I am under 5ft (yes, yes, I know!) and therefore it is really important that my dress fits me perfectly, otherwise I’ll be drowning in a massive dress on the Big Day.

I have visions of ordering a dress which looks amazing online and then being disappointed with it when in arrives. What would be great is to have the option to see a sample with my own eyes before ordering one!

There are some great shops around that have gorgeous dresses. My top websites so far have been Dolly Couture, Honeypie Boutique and Unique Vintage.

Have you used one of these websites or heard reviews about them? Do any of you have any tales/advice/opinions on mail order dresses? Any dream or nightmare stories to share? As having never shopped for a wedding dress before, advice is gratefully received.