Literally! I’ve gone and broken my foot. My metatarsal to be precise, the one next to my big toe on my right foot.

Whole foot on the left, broken foot on the right

That’s the same injury as David Beckham had and is commonly known as ‘runners injury’ – pahahahahahahaha!

I originally hurt it two weeks ago but have been hobbling around on it since then thinking it’ll get better by itself. Then on Tuesday I stepped up onto the train with my bad foot and as soon as I put my weight onto it, my foot went  ‘crack’. Oh dear! I don’t have a cast as it is surrounded by ‘fat, bones and muscles’ as the Dr put it, just a sore, swollen foot.

Every cloud has a silver lining though – two days off work meant that I’ve been able to get the last few crochet squares finished and I’ll be moving onto sewing it all together next. Yay!

I’ve also used a new nail varnish, Barry M’s Nail Effects, which when you paint on top of a colour it cracks, revealing the colour below:

I like it! What do you think?