So sorry I have been absent recently, what with the broken leg, working from home, leaving work this Friday and moving to Devon this Saturday, time has escaped me!

The foot is getting better, having it up and rested ALL day really helps keep the swelling down. As soon as I walk on it for any length of time it starts to hurt again and swells – damn it!

The Boy has been amazing, making me several cups of tea, breakfast, lunch and dinner. I think carer fatigue is starting to kick in though, poor boy.

Having a broken foot has meant that The Boy has done all of the packing so far, whilst I sit on the sofa surrounded by work, cups of tea, phones, TV controls etc. He has packed away all of my craft stuff so it means no more knitting, crochet, embroidery or baking until we get to Devon! I think I can cope, although withdrawal symptoms may start to set in…

Talking of Devon, I can’t wait to move. Below is a little sneak peek of our new home:

Our lovely cottage

The village where we will be living has a village-run shop with cafe, lots of green spaces for dog walking, play park, a babbling brook running through the village and a fish and chip van visits every Thursday (that’s our Thursday dinner sorted!) We can’t wait to be living the country life, taking things more slowly and being surrounded by beautiful scenery. I’m so excited! Devon is where we’ll start our married life, hopefully start a family and raise our many children.

I might be quiet for a while until we’re connected to the world wide web again so don’t forget me!