Let’s get straight into this week’s mentions:

World Mental Health Day

Laura over at Laura Babb Photography has written a beautiful post about that fact that it is World Mental Health Day today. I can’t write anything better than she did so just go and read it already.

Winning cakes

Did you watch the BBC’s Great British Bake Off? I did! Throughout the final episode I changed my prediction about who would win 10 million times, it was so close! Jo won (hurrah!) and she shares her winning recipes over at her blog, Jo’s Blue Aga. Go! Go! Go!

source: Jo’s Blue Aga

Wonderful Wallpaper

I found this next mention in the latest edition of Mollie Makes. PaperBoy Wallpaper is the brainchild of Victoria Cramsie, who designs wallpaper with a twist. I want to be a kid again just so I can have her hand-made wallpaper:

source: PaperBoy Wallpaper

She has a tonne of other designs, I really like D’ya-think-e-saurus and Animal Magic. What’s your favourite?

Embroidery love

I’ve got the hoop, floss and needles out once more and have been keeping myself busy sewing up some treats. As always I’ve used Sublime Stitching templates and have two designs on the go:

This lovely little pin-up, who is almost complete and this cute pup who is waiting for me very patiently:

I’ll post photos when they’re both complete!

Tom Lovell

I have recently discovered the wonderful illustration of Tom Lovell. Michelle from Scissor Quirk shared some of his work on her blog last week and I loved every illustration she shared! This one is my favourite though:

Source: Tom Lovell via Scissor Quirk

It is definitely a cheeky illustration, love it!

Bespectacled Brides

We rock. Trust me. See below fr poof (if you needed any).

Source: Olive Juice Studios via Beyond Beyond

So there we go! What was your favourite Monday Mention? Have you got something else to share with me?