Happy Monday everyone!

Hope you’ve all had amazing weekends? Mine has been spent back ‘home’ visiting family and celebrating birthdays. I made a delicious double chocolate loaf cake for the birthday girl, I’ll blog the recipe later on this week so keep those eyes peeled!

My Mentions this week are…

Superduper Shelves

This embroidery blew me away. Look at the detail! And the design itself is so cute with its retro feel.

Source: This Tiny Existence via Etsy

Floss Fashion

Carrying on my recent obsession with embroidery, I picked myself up this gorgeous little embroidery-inspired t-shirt this week from Topshop. It was a bargain at £7 – kerching!

Source: Topshop

Day Dreaming

I found John von Holleben’s work through Amma’s Beyond Beyond blog. I thought these images were so lovely and whimsical, I wanted to share this little treasure trove of visual delights with you. My favourite is this one:

Source: John von Holleben via Beyond Beyond

Sweet Tooth

In baking, the words ‘quick’, ‘easy’, ‘cupcakes’ and ‘truffle’ will always get my attention. Holly Bell, one of the competitors in this year’s Great British Bake Off has her own blog, Recipes from a Normal Mum, and she blogged about ‘quick and easy cupcakes with truffle icing’. How delicious do they look?! I will definitely be trying these soon!

Source: Recipes from a Normal Mum

Penguin Threads

Another embroidery mention (seriously, I need help) goes to Penguin Threads, a series of three Penguin Classics with embroidered covers. The covers were designed by Jillian Tamaki and hand stitched. They are just breathtakingly beautiful.

Source: Penguin Threads via The Purl Bee

Have you got any Monday Mentions? Do tell!