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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Deary me, it has been a while since I’ve updated you on our wedding plans.  I shall remedy that right away! Be prepared to be updated…

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The observant among you will have noticed that last week there were no Mentions to be had on a Monday. I’m sorry. I have no excuse! to give. However this week I am going to bring you an amazing bunch of mentions!

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Sometimes I go rooting through charity shops and find nothing. Sometimes, I find plenty! Luckily for me, I had the latter this week as we went for a wander around the various charity shops Kingsbridge has to offer.

Let me show you my finds…

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I can hear your sharp intake of breath…”Christmas?! It’s too early for Christmas!!!”

I’ll let you into a little secret. The Boy and I listened to our Christmas CD last weekend whilst on our way to Dartmoor to walk the dogs. It made me so happy, you see, I love Christmas. I love the fact that every year my family gets together and squeezes into a house that isn’t really big enough for us all. I love the noise, the chaos, the food, the drink, watching my nephews open their christmas presents with massive smiles on their faces. I’m still squeal and yelp when opening Christmas gifts. You know it has been a good Christmas when the TV hasn’t been turned on once.

This year, The Boy and I are trying to make as many Christmas presents as possible. Seeing as I have parents who are divorced and now have new partners, two sisters, two brother-in-laws, one twin brother, one sister-in-law and five nephews, that means a lot of making! Plus The Boy is one of six!

With thanks to Pinterest, I’ve found bucket loads of tutorials and recipes for some delightful Christmas makes. Let me share some of them with you…

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These weeks just seem to fly by. I am really enjoying sharing my internet finds with you, hope you like reading about them!

This week’s mentions….

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This post should come with a health warning. You will want to eat a lorry-load of these once you have tasted them. They are soooooooooooo yummy but oh so sugary, your teeth will not thank you for eating these. Then again, there are always dentures!

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