Sometimes I go rooting through charity shops and find nothing. Sometimes, I find plenty! Luckily for me, I had the latter this week as we went for a wander around the various charity shops Kingsbridge has to offer.

Let me show you my finds…

The embroidery book cost a mere £1.50 and in it is a huge glossary of embroidery stitches. At last I can add more interesting stitches to my projects and widen my repertoire. Result!

The floral number at the front is in fact a half apron, which cost the princely sum of 50p. There was a whole basket full of different patterns. It took me ages to pick this little cheerful number.

The vase is quite small. It is dainty and perfect for tiny floral arrangements or flowers that I collect on our wild rambles and dog walks. Just so you can appreciate the glory of the pattern:

I am a sucker for dots and stripes so this is perfect!

The final item, and my favourite find, was the Christmas Carols record:

Even if it had scratches all over it I still would have bought it just for the pretty retro cover. It was an absolute steal at only 99p! Considering that The Boy and I have been listening to Christmas music for the past two weeks it shall find its way under the needle soon I’m sure…

So, what do you think? Have you had any thrifty finds recently?