The observant among you will have noticed that last week there were no Mentions to be had on a Monday. I’m sorry. I have no excuse! to give. However this week I am going to bring you an amazing bunch of mentions!

Lovely ladies

Ah Pinterest, you gem. You always bring me lots of treats for me to look at and swoon over. This free download of retro ladies had my heart fluttering. They will make it onto my Hen do invites somehow.

Source: PaperScraps via Pinterest


I spied this print and it immediately clicked for me. Sometimes you just have to reassure yourself that everything will be ok, even if you don’t feel like they will be.

Source: Pinterest

Blonde Venus

There is something about Marlene Dietrich that draws me in. She oozes sex appeal and glamour. Did you know that she could play the saw? This photo of her is just stunning. What a vixen!

Source: Vintage Photography

Shoe Swoon

Did you know that Vivienne Westwood Melissa SS12 shoes are available to gaze at? So many to go on my wish list! Be prepared to swoon…

Source: Hervia

Make do and mend

If any of you are thinking ‘what can I get Grace for Christmas?’ then let me help you. This print would look brilliant hung up amongst my crafty supplies!

Source: Imperial War Museum


I love bows. They make anything look pretty. Learn how to make your own with Oh So Lovely Vintage, who wrote a guest post for My Girl Thursday. Look at how cute they are!

Source: Oh So Lovely Vintage via My Girl Thursday

Moustache Nails

I am trying to grow my nails. I have cycles where I don’t bite them at all and they grow and I look after them. All it takes is one boring or stressful meeting and all 10 of them are gone. This manicure, however, will ensure that I never bite my nails again! (Although how will I be able to do any work if I keep looking at my nails?!)

Source: The Beauty Department

What is your favourite Mention this week? Have you found anything you want to share?