Is it really Monday again?! February so far has whizzed by compared to my sloth-like January. I’m not complaining though!

I’ve got some real gems to share with you this week…

percolator saviour

You know when you see something and you simultaneously think ‘genius!’ and ‘why didn’t I think of that before?! (no? Only me then…) well I had that moment last week.

‘The Boy and I love coffee. We have a stove-top percolator and a filter machine thingy. In my opinion the stove-top percolator makes better coffee but mostly used the coffee filter machine thingy as I kept burning my fingers picking up the percolator once it was ready and the smell of coffee drifted through the house. I would also feel ridiculous using an oven glove to pick up the tiny percolator and my tea towels are just too damn smooth to give enough grip to pick it up.

Anyway, enough of the back story and onto my Mention.

Source: One Sheepish Girl

Ta daaaaaaaaaaaa! The brilliant Meredith from One Sheepish Girl designed herself her very own knitted handle cover to combat exactly the same issues as I have with hot handles. Genius, don’t you agree?!

Perculator here I come!

Sew sweet

The Boy and I aren’t really into Valentine’s Day, we’ve never really been that bothered with it. However when I saw this heart embroidery hoop  tutorial from Laura over at Bugs and Fishes my heart melted a little. What a cute way to declare your love for someone or as a neat little gift for friends who are getting married/moved house/had a baby?!

Source: Bugs and Fishes

Chocolate fix

*Warning: the next photo may make you drool*

Depending on what time of the month it is, I can have a huge craving for chocolate or anything sweet. The craving is all-consuming and I won’t rest until I have eaten my fair share of the stuff. Luckily The Pink Whisk has shared this super easy recipe for a Chocolate Frosted Traybake. Yum yum, in my tum.

Source: The Pink Whisk

Heavenly handbag

I love the idea of this next mention. The thought of being able to personalise your bag to whatever you want sounds awesome. Sophie from Her Library Adventures posted a tutorial for how to make your handbag into a chalkboard! Sounds crazy but it looks great.

Source: Her Library Adventures

That is it for mentions this week, but golly, haven’t they been good?!

Want to share any of your own mentions with me? Go for it!