You know what? I am ridiculously excited about my Hen Do. I actually knew what I wanted to do waaaaaaaaaaaaay before I started planning it. I booked the date back in November, a whole seven months before the Do!

Want to know what I’ve got up my *bridal* sleeve?! Of course you do!

The details

I’m having my Hen Do for one day and night in June. I’ve already had comments along the lines of  “June?! But your wedding isn’t until September!” Have I missed something? Is your Hen Do supposed to be at a set time? Can I not decide when I want it to take place?!

I’m splitting the Do into two parts. I’ve invited about 20 friends and family along so it will be such good fun!

Daytime: Crafternoon tea!

Starting around lunchtme, me and my ladies are having Crafternoon Tea. The concept is simple. Eat cakes, sandwich fingers and more cakes, drink Prosecco (in my opinion much better than Champagne) and craft. I am having the lovely Catherine Hirst come and teach everyone the basics of embroidery. Catherine taught me how way back in July and she was so friendly, chatty and funny. Since learning myself I’ve loved it and am so thankful that I went on the course and Catherine imparted her wisdom to me!

Source: Catherine Hirst

Once our crafty afternoon is over we shall slip seamlessly into the night time….

Nighttime: Rock n’ Rolling Bowling

That’s right, me and my ladies will be bowling at All Star Lanes in Holborn and partying the night away dancing to rock n’ roll.

Source: Elvgren Pin Up
(We’ll all look that beautiful and make it seem that easy, right?)

Every Saturday night they have a club night, Shake, Rattle and Bowl. How much fun does it look?! Can’t wait to get all glammed up and have an awesome time with my favourite people.

I’ve already started compiling a list of sweet treats to make everyone for the Crafternoon Tea (I’ll blog about those later) and a very special mention should go out to two people. Firstly my Chief Bridesmaid Chara, who is organising the nighttime activities. I trust her 100% and know that she will not get me a stripper or make me do anything cringeworthy! Secondly, Lindsey, my soon to be Sister-in-law, who I think is almost as excited about the Do as I am! Lindsey is making everyone a little memento to take home with them from the Hen Do. I’ve had a little sneak peek at what she is making – I almost cried! It is so sweet and thoughtful of her, thank you Lindsey.

Bring on Operation Hen Do!