Hello? *echoes* Hellooooooooooo?!

This place has been a little empty recently – I just haven’t found the time to blog. March has whizzed by and I fear that April will too! The Boy and I have two weddings and a 40th birthday party to attend in April, so three out of four weekends will be busy. I am not complaining though (unless we run out of petrol by then?!)

Anyway, today I want to share with you my latest craft crush. A craft crush for me is when I spot something that makes my eyes pop (in a good way), fills my head with inspiration and gets me super excited. Time to announce my first craft crush!


Sarah Fordham is the brain behind Magasin, her cross stitch and embroidery business. I got so excited when I saw her shop on Etsy. Her jewellery and accessories are so cute and imaginative, I am desparate to buy several of her crafty creations! My current favourites would be:

This ring – how adorable is the bird?!

These earrings – I don’t even have my ears pierced!

Don’t you think her pieces are awesome? They make me smile and would definitely brighten up any outfit.

So there you have it – my first craft crush!

Do you have a favourite craft crush at the moment? Tell me!