I was going to put this post up as my second Craft Crush but decided against it, partly because it isn’t strictly a craft and because this post has made me so happy that it deserves its own glory!

Since moving to Devon I have been on the search for some retail gems, be they vintage or otherwise, where I can find lovely clothes and accessories. I have purchased a few vintage items in my time but really want to increase the amount of vintage in my wardrobe (I can hear The Boy sighing at the thought of this!) It is a great excuse to buy something ‘new’ whilst safe in the knowledge that you’re being eco friendly by reusing!

What I really want to gush about is this awesome little boutique I’ve found in Exeter: Relevant, owned and run by the fabulous Willow.

This vintage boutique is brimming with fabulous vintage clothes, shoes, accessories and more! Don’t be put off by ’boutique’ though, Willow couldn’t be more welcoming or helpful! She is so passionate about vintage, you can’t help but fall in love with the shop!

I discovered Relevant via Twitter in my quest to find an outfit for a wedding and soon made my way into the shop to have a rummage.

The delightful Willow!

Willow has an amazing array of stock and her window displays change regularly, providing you with a glimpse of what you can find inside.

The pom poms! Those dresses!

When I first visited the shop, I didn’t find ‘the one’, although I tried on several dresses. With her vast collection of dresses, she knew what stock would be out in the shop later in the week and asked if I could come back then, so I did. I was not disappointed! As I walked into the boutique, Willow whisked me away to the changing rooms and revealed an armful of dresses for me to try on. They were all lovely, and I found ‘the one’. It accentuated my curves and the neckline was amazing. Sold! I bough a handbag too and the total cost? Forty pounds! What a bargain! She even knocked a bit off the price of the dress as there was a small hole in the front that could easily be sewn up.

Here is a photo of me, before the wedding on Saturday:

(Apologies for the grainy photo – this is off my crappy phone!)

I am so grateful to Willow for helping me find this dress, I felt like a million dollars in it and got lots of compliments throughout the day. I even got compared to Marilyn Monroe more than once (I die!)

The amazing customer service that Willow gave me will ensure that I’ll go back time after time. I don’t think you can find this kind of service in mainstream stores. Willow knows her stuff and is so excited to show you what she has to offer.

So the next time you’re in Exeter, pop in, have a browse and enjoy! You can find out more about Relevant via Twitter and Facebook.