Happy Monday! Hope you’re having a lovely start to the week so far…if you’re not, then maybe these three things will cheer you up!

Hollywood bleepers

I love old movies, the romance, the clothes, the hair, the cars…you get the idea. I came across the video below from Sarah over at Yes and Yes. Watching Bette Davies and other Hollywood legends fluff their lines put a smile on my face and made me revel in the thought that those beautiful Hollywood people could make mistakes just like you and I! As someone has commented on the video “Weird… it’s almost like they’re real people”.

Fancy hands

I am still trying to stop biting my nails (see a previous Monday mentions about that) so that I have a go at giving myself a pretty mani! My talonted friend Lex creates the most amazing nail art, so she is always inspiring me to try something fun for my nails! I spied this mani tutorial over at The Beauty Department and thought they looked so cute. Definitely having pretty nails for the wedding!


Source: The Beauty Department

Washi stamp!

No, you haven’t read that incorrectly, you can actually buy a washi tape stamp! Eeeeeek! Washi tape (for those who are thinking “what the hell is she on about?!”) originates from Japan and is quite simply decorative masking tape. You can get all sorts of cute designs, polka dots (yes please!), stripes, flowers, bold colours, pastels etc. Well, Etsy seller MemiTherainbow created a rubber stamp that mimics washi tape and I for one think it is so awesome!

Source: MemiTheRainbow

 A short and sweet Monday Mentions (like myself!) for this week. Have you spotted anything pretty this week/ Share the cuteness with me!