Hello friends! (I’m allowed to call you friends, we’re reached that stage now, right?)

I’m creating a new series of posts in this little blog called DIY Diary. If you hadn’t noticed by now, I love my alliteration; Monday Mentions, Craft Crush, DIY Diary…I just can’t get enough!

Anyhoo, DIY Diary will document my DIY conquests. I realised that I never really document what I’ve been doing (bad blogger lady!) and so this will hopefully get me in the habit of showing off sharing my projects.

Enough Grace! Just tell them about your latest DIY adventure!

I picked up these two beautiful pictures for a real bargain, £3…I know!!

The prints are so pretty, roses and tulips are my favourite flowers. The frames, however, were looking tired and chipped! The Boy and I decided that with a lick pf paint, these babies would be restored to their rightful glory.

We bought a tester post of paint and I lightly sanded the frames before releasing my inner Picasso:

It took a couple of coats but I am so pleased with how they turned out!

Don’t they look pretty on the wall, with the crochet bunting draped over it? The bunting was made by my eldest sister for the wedding. It is amazing! I shed a little tear when she gave it to us. I couldn’t bear to keep it packed away until September so it is hanging up in our living room.

I am so happy with how the frames turned out, they look pretty brilliant in my opinion!

So, what do you think?!