Happy Monday! Are you making the most of your May Bank Holiday? The Boy and I are off to visit my family who are having a Devon holiday. There was talk of going to the beach but I don’t think that’ll be happening!

Luscious lips

Now, I love me some lip balm. I come from a family of lip balm lovers. My sister has a groove in her jean pocket where her lip balm has embedded itself and she can take it out of her pocket, take the lid off, apply it, put the lid back on and put it away all with one hand (if she is reading this, she’ll kill me for broadcasting it!)

I spied this tin on Present & Correct this week. I want it!

Source: Present & Correct

May roses

How adorable are these little crochet roses from Lucy? I am making me some!

Source: Attic 24

Knitted bow ring

Oh yes. This knitted bow ring is as amazing as it sounds. The mega-talented Meredith created this little beauty!

Source: One Sheepish Girl

The cake to end all cakes

My other sister (not the lip balm junkie), told me that I needed to read the Caked Crusader, a witty bakers blog. She was right, I did!

I love trifle. It is such a delicious dessert. My Mama is a Super Mama as she would make three different types of trifle. Both my sisters don’t like certain parts of the trifle (one the fruit, the other the custard, I think!) so she would make them little individual trifles. What dedication!

Anyway, back to the Mention. What could possibly be better than trifle? Why, a trifle cake of course!

Source: Caked Crusader

LOOK AT IT!!!! How impressive if that creation?!