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Happy Monday! Are you making the most of your May Bank Holiday? The Boy and I are off to visit my family who are having a Devon holiday. There was talk of going to the beach but I don’t think that’ll be happening!

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Happy Monday everyone! I always feel like weeks just whizz by now. Since moving to Devon I’ve gone from working full time to part time (three days a week) and it is amazing how fast time flies when you don’t have a five day working week! I am determined to make more of my ‘days off’ every week and become a more accomplished crafter.

Anyhoo…on to this week’s Mentions.

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Literally! I’ve gone and broken my foot. My metatarsal to be precise, the one next to my big toe on my right foot.

Whole foot on the left, broken foot on the right

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I went charity shopping (or thrifting as some people call it)  in Berkhamsted at the weekend and got myself a little treat:


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This week I have taken my crochet hook and yarn on the train with me instead of my usual book. I’ve managed to get my timings down so that when we pull into Euston station I am just on my last stitch.

Craft Commuting! Photo from

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Drum roll please……..

I managed to make a crochet square! After this weekend’s terrible crochet pentagons I persevered and got there…here is my square in all it’s glory:

I am so happy about this breakthrough, very proud of myself! Now only another 56,0897,847 to go…!

How was everybody’s weekends? Mine seemed to whizz by as I was super busy. Stay with me and I’ll take you on a whirlwind tour of baking, crafting, dog walking galore!
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