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This week I have taken my crochet hook and yarn on the train with me instead of my usual book. I’ve managed to get my timings down so that when we pull into Euston station I am just on my last stitch.

Craft Commuting! Photo from

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Hello all,

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading my posts so far. You’re all very quiet though so leave a comment to say hello 🙂

The wedding ball has officially started rolling. As I mentioned briefly in my other post English Charm Wedding, we have dates in our diaries for two things:

  1. We’re meeting Geoff, the vicar for him to vet us and hopefully give us the OK to get married at St Leonard’s in Blunsdon, Swindon.
  2. We’re off to see our first reception venue the day after. A lovely hall made with Costwold stone, big beams and a beautiful entrance.

I can now proudly add a third to this list; getting my dress sorted! I can’t go into too much detail as I know The Boy sometimes reads this but I can go through the basics.

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I’ve taken the plunge….I will be updating this blog with stories of my life. They’ll mostly be about  knitting, sewing, baking, dogs, wedding preparations and anything else I want to share with you.

You can find me on twitter @Gracemakes so go ahead and follow me!

Hope you enjoy the ride and stick with me for the long haul,