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Hello everyone! Hope you all had lovely weekends, the Boy and I went to Totnes and Dartmouth for a wander, a cream tea and charity shop bargains.

Now then, let me share with you my mentions for the week gone by….

Rainbow nails

Oh yes, I said rainbow nails. They also happen to be polka dot rainbow nails just to top it all off! My friend Lex has started a nail blog, Talonted, to document her mani adventures. Seriously, the things this woman can do with nail polish, sticky tape and sponges is amazing!

rainbow nails
Source: Talonted

Cupcake creations

Continuing with the colourful Mentions, this super cute illustration is also a handy tool to work out what all those different piping nozzles do. I inherited a load of nozzles and I have no idea what half of them do! This helped me work out at two of them!

Source: epheriell designs via Little Chief Honeybee

Hello Sailor

When I stumbled upon these brooches on Etsy a little squeal escaped from my lungs. You see, I have a thing for nautical anything. I have an anchor door stop, a Sailor Jerry bag, a sailor dress…I could go on but I won’t. Maybe I was a sailor in another life? Anyway! Back to the brooch!

Source: Memohelen

Aren’t they adorable?!

Have you found anything on the web last week? Share your finds with me!